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Westmount-Leitches Creek

Street: 15 MacLennan Dr
Westmount NS
B1R 1H6
Service Times: Leitches Cr 9:15 a.m. Westmount 11 a.m.
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Office Phone: 902 567-0735
Minister: Norma Mills DLM
Phone: 902 270-0101

The Westmount-Leitches Creek Pastoral Charge has two congregations, St. Columba in Leitches Creek, and Westmount United, in Westmount.  

Prior to 1920 Westmount was a sparsely settled community on the west side of Sydney Harbour. Sunday services, when held, were in a building called "The Missions" and ministers came from Sydney every second or third Sunday to conduct the services which were attended by people of various denominations. As the community grew, both the need and the desire for a church where services could be held regularly grew. On July 15, 1951 the congregation of Westmount was constituted by Sydney Presbytery and attached to the Leitches-Creek Pastoral Charge to become the Westmount-Leitches Creek Pastoral Charge. At this service, 59 members were received by certificate, 31 by profession of faith; each of the 90 members signed the Historic Roll. Before long it became apparent that a more permanent place of worship was needed, and in June 1956 a decision to build a new church was made. In November of 1957 the cornerstone was laid and on November 30, 1958 the basement church was dedicated. It would be almost 20 years before the superstructure was added. In 1975 the church at Edwardsville closed and the congregation amalgamated with Westmount. On May 15, 1977 the new sanctuary was dedicated.

In 1864 the Pastoral charge of Leitches Creek was constituted by the Presbytery of Cape Breton Presbyterian Church in Canada, to include Leitches Creek, upper Leitches Creek and Ball's Creek. In 1872 St. Columba Presbyterian Church was built in Leitches Creek. It remained a Presbyterian Church until 1925 when the churches within the Pastoral Charge joined with other Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational churches across Canada to form the United Church of Canada. In time Beechmont and Upper Leitches Creek closed and joined with St. Columba United Church. The church built in 1872 remains in use today. It is part of the Westmount-Leitches Creek Pastoral Charge.

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